Our Partners

Trade development can be as challenging as it is rewarding (both financially and emotionally). Export Path is a complicated, multi-layered undertaking. It is improbable that any one organization would have all the resources and capabilities required to deliver the full range of services required to effectively support small businesses - exporter mobilization, capacity building, product development, export finance, sales, marketing, digital asset management, logistics, intellectual asset protection, etc.  Our effort is a collaboration of public, private and non-profit entities, each providing a unique piece of the complex trade development puzzle. In the US we work closely with units of the

Department of Commerce to support outbound activities by US companies. Our collaborations extend to intellectual property protection and related areas of commercial law. We also work with state and local agencies to support US outbound activities, just as we work with government and trade development agencies in other countries to support their outbound activities.  Our effort also includes trade groups, industry associations. Our core partners include several embassies, national trade development agencies, banks and financial institutions in close to a half dozen countries. Our effort is managed globally out of Washington, DC by Vertical Optimization, LLC.