We Are A Busi­ness Devel­op­ment & Tech­nol­ogy Deploy­ment Firm.

We Pro­vide Three Prin­ci­pal Ser­vices To Our Clients:

  1. We Help Them Access The Cap­i­tal To Grow Their Businesses
  2. We Help Them Improve Their Prod­ucts & Processes
  3. We Help Them Expand The Mar­ket For Their Prod­ucts, Ser­vices & Technologies

We help com­pa­nies to iden­tify and secure ‘the miss­ing pieces’ in their oper­a­tional jigsaw.

We are one of the very few com­pa­nies that can help your busi­ness from con­cep­tion to expan­sion. We “get our hands dirty”. We can help you develop and improve your prod­ucts and ser­vices, help you find the money to grow the busi­ness, and in many cases, help you with mar­ket­ing those prod­ucts and services.

In addi­tion, we have a strong tech­nol­ogy focus. We help com­pa­nies to develop, improve and com­mer­cial­ize their tech­nolo­gies. We assist com­pa­nies to eval­u­ate, price, and com­mer­cial­ize their tech­nolo­gies through any one of a num­ber of avenues. In some instances, our clients need to engage a par­tic­u­lar capa­bil­ity to oper­ate. Iden­ti­fy­ing and engag­ing the resources required to achieve ‘viable oper­abil­ity’ is a core strength of our firm. We are also the man­ag­ing part­ners of Export Path, a multi­na­tional trade devel­op­ment plat­form that assists small busi­nesses to enter inter­na­tional markets.

We Can Help You...