Enterprise Services

Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion assists com­pa­nies to grow the enterprise as a whole. We do this in two ways: (i) We assist companies to secure the cap­i­tal they need to oper­ate effec­tively. (ii) We help them with their marketing or market entry efforts.

Our capital formation ser­vices range from assistance with securing grants, loans, risk insur­ance, invest­ment and loan guar­an­tees, as well as project and trade finance. Nat­u­rally, we pro­vide a host of related  busi­ness devel­op­ment ser­vices that include busi­ness plan­ning, finan­cial ana­lyt­ics, invest­ment val­u­a­tion and so on.

Our market development services include market entry (in which we assist the company with the process of getting a product into the market) and marketing support (in which our team helps a company primarily with identifying and communicating with customers so as to expand their market). Our marketing support services are provided primarily through our Digital Threshold group, while our market entry services are provided primarily by our Oyivo Group.

At the end of the day, the most impor­tant out­come is the abil­ity of a busi­ness to secure the funds it needs to oper­ate, and to have a clear path to available markets. This is the key to prof­itabil­ity and sus­tained growth. We can assist companies to realize these two critical objectives.

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