Export Path

Export Path® is a public-private partnership (PPP) comprised of public, private, financial and non-profit entities from more than a dozen countries. The partnership exists to assist small businesses from developed economies to enter emerging markets, and to assist small businesses in emerging markets to develop products for more developed economies. It is private sector-led. Partners include embassies, (local, state and national) trade development agencies, banks & financial institutions, investment promotion agencies, and  non-profit trade support groups. Export Path is headquartered and coordinated globally out of the Washington DC area by Vertical Optimization, LLC. The partnership was formed to facilitate bilateral trade. It is focused on providing PRACTICAL assistance in product development, capital formation and market entry. The critical benefit of this partnership is that it provides a simple and efficient means for companies to explore many markets at the same time, at minimal cost. Partners work together to assist companies looking at various markets for their goods and services. Here are twelve things Export Path® can do for your business TODAY:      

1. Identify Potential Foreign Markets For Your Products & Services.

2. Evaluate The Sales Potential For Your Products & Services In Several Foreign Markets.

3. Engage Buyers & Distributors For Your Products In Specific Markets.

4. Assist Buyers In Certain Markets To Secure Financing To Purchase Your Products.

5. Enable You To Visit Countries To Meet Potential Partners  (Business Voyages) & Buyers (Trade Shows).

6. Assist You To Negotiate Terms & Transaction Details With Potential Distributors.

7.Assist With Logistics & Distribution Of Your Products In Certain Markets.

8. Facilitate Grants & Financing In Certain Countries To Expand Into Foreign Markets.

9. Engage Foreign Partners To Help Set Up Your Overseas Operations.

10. Provide Hands-On Assistance With Establishing Your Operations In Given Foreign Markets.

11. Help You Navigate The Maze of Government Regulations & Bureaucracy So You Focus On The Job At Hand.

12. Help You Improve Productivity So Your Business Is More Profitable.


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