Just as small companies in emerging markets are seeking to develop products and opportunities in the developed economies, so are their US & Canadian counterparts seeking access to new & emerging markets to expand their service and product offerings. This is partly as a result of globalization, but more immediately, as a result of contractions in domestic opportunities due to the recession. This creates an opportunity for bilateral wealth creation unlike at any other time in history. Export Path® helps to facilitate this process of bilateral wealth creation.    

Export Path® is a multinational public-private partnership (PPP) comprising of dozens of government agencies, banks, private companies and third-sector organizations in several countries with a singular focus - enhancing bilateral and multilateral trade & investment, especially with and between emerging markets. It was founded and is being managed globally by Vertical Optimization, LLC out of the Washington, DC area.  Export Path® is rapidly expanding and is currently operational in North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.    

Export Path® provides support to businesses in emerging markets seeking to enter the US (and regional) markets, from product and market development, export & investment financing, and most importantly, to hands-on market access support. Export Path® also assists US businesses seeking access to emerging markets, from basic opportunity screening to enterprise development, venture financing, market development and in-country operations support.  

Export Path® provides small businesses a critical capability - efficiency in market entry. This is the one trade development program that provides small businesses an opportunity to take a good hard look at several countries at the same time AND enables access to the financial and operational resources needed to enter those markets. Small businesses can do what larger companies have always been able to do - prospect and develop opportunities in several markets by leveraging the same investment and core resources.  Welcome to Export Path®.