How It Works

Different businesses have different needs. For some it's business development, for others it's operational issues such as logistics and order fulfillment. Export Path® uses a phased approach to assist businesses in their quest for new markets and opportunities. This approach systematically addresses the critical barriers small businesses face when trying to develop new markets or new products. Businesses may access whichever assistance they need, but the services are delivered in a structured and disciplined manner to improve chances of success in the marketplace.  The major steps are:  1) Access To Information (About The Market, Product Development, Strategic Development, Consumer Preferences, Local Practices, Regulatory Requirements, etc.)  2) Access To Productive Capacity (Including Investment Capital, Working Capital, Manufacturing & Operational Capability, etc.)  3) Access To The Marketplace (Including Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Warehousing, Distribution, etc.) Export Path is managed in stages to ensure quality and consistency in the assistance provided to businesses. These phases are described below:

Phase O: (The Intake Process) 

This is where companies identify their interest and need for business development assistance. That process begins with this web site (or with any of our partner organizations). The objective is to gather critical information to enable us assist companies effectively.  The initial contact may be by way of our Global Operations office or through any one of our partner organizations.


Phase I: (Access To Information)

It is not reasonable to expect businesses to develop products and services for markets about which they are poorly informed. This phase of our effort seeks to close this gap.  We work with aspiring exporters and investors to develop the right products and services for the markets they wish to enter (hands-on, one product at a time), ensure that quality benchmarks and local consumer preferences are taken into account in the product/service offering. We assist with gaining the requisite licensing and approvals needed to bring the products into the target market lawfully. Phase I includes product & process development, market intelligence reporting, regulatory compliance and risk analysis. These are all done for the aspiring exporter/market entrant to ensure that we have all the information we need to enter the market.

Phase II: (Access to Capital)

This involves our working with a collaborating bank or financial partners to provide the required financing for the intended exports or investment, subject to the quality standards and market intelligence developed in Phase I. The financing usually covers the manufacture of the products as well as freight and logistics needed to deliver the products to a port (in the case of a physical product export) or the set up of appropriate operational facilities for service or intellectual-property based operations.

Phase III (Access To Productive Capacity)

This is the phase driven most predominantly by the entrepreneur. Making the product or enabling the service delivery subject to the standards and for the markets identified in Phase I is critical to success. This is where it happens.

Phase IV: (Access To The Marketplace)

This is the final thrust of the process and involves the storage, warehousing, marketing, sales and distribution of the products in the indicated market on behalf of the small business client, with timely repatriation of the proceeds to enable the manufacturing and export cycle to continue. For those seeking to establish foreign operations, this is where we shall provide in-country assistance to ensure seamless transition into the new marketplace. These steps are outlined below.  For a visual outline of the individual steps indicated above, click here.  For a detailed & downloadable description of the entire process,click here..