Our firm specializes in three principal sectors - wholesome food processing, sustainable materials production, and green energy generation (including waste remediation and carbon recovery platforms).

Given our focus on emerging economies, our work tends to be interdisciplinary, involving not only the development (or enhancement) of technical capacity, but also the enhancement of supportive productive capacity (social and communal structures, human capital, etc.) needed for the sustainable operation of those industrial processes. We have four principal practice offerings, staffed by highly trained and experienced scientists, engineers, social scientists and business development professionals.

  • Industrial Process Development
    • This includes our product and process design services as well as our equipment design AND fabrication capabilities. To that end, we not only help our clients develop products or processes, we also help them to BUILD them.This is especially important in low-inclusion environments where a dependence on imported raw materials, machinery or spare parts, could be a fatal flaw. This fatal flaw is often masked by the initial euphoria of imported equipment, only to be exposed later when there is a foreign exchange shock and these inputs become unaffordable or simply unavailable. We endeavor to assist our clients to develop and engage LOCAL capability (in terms of raw materials, equipment and spares) so as to enhance the operational resilience of the evolving enterprise.
  • Manufacturing Operations Management:
    • We operate factories and industrial operations on behalf of our clients. This could be a short-term intervention to address an emergent need, or a longer term engagement to achieve a more strategic goal. We bring a team approach to our work, partnering with our clients to augment their existing capability, with the goal of ensuring that the organization is more efficient and more profitable as a result of our involvement. We are reasonably flexible in how these engagements are structured given that the goal is always a more efficient and profitable enterprise.
  • Business Process Improvement:
    • We help our clients make their operations run better. With close to three decades of INDUSTRIAL Six Sigma practice experience, our leadership brings a unique set of people-focused Six Sigma sensibilities to our engagements. In our experience, the most effective engagements are those in which we enable the extant leadership of the organization to drive the requisite changes in the organization (and the underlying organizational behavior) while we provide a reliable, supportive backbone to the change integration effort. We have experience working with very small companies to very large multi-divisional establishments.
    • One of our sub-specialties is supporting research-based institutions. While they are charged with innovating in their respective areas, research & development organizations can be extremely resistant to change. This is especially true of anything that might "interfere with the research process". We work with such organizations to drive the change needed to measure and enhance research productivity.
  • Operational Capacity Enhancement:
    • We assist our clients to raise capital for their products. Typically, we can support projects that fall below $250Million in capital requirement and $150 Million in insurable risk exposure. We restrict our involvement to projects in our indicated practice sectors - ¬†wholesome food processing, sustainable materials production, and green energy generation (including waste remediation and carbon recovery platforms).
    • We assist our clients to train and develop their staff (and associates) as part of the upskilling and development of their staff. This is typically done through our training partnership at IDMANN Institute.
    • We also support a micro-enterprise development program as part of our effort at IDMANN Institute.
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