Small Business Loans

In addi­tion to help­ing com­pa­nies raise cap­i­tal for inter­na­tional or for for­eign invest­ment, Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion also assists com­pa­nies with domes­tic cap­i­tal for­ma­tion. We have excel­lent rela­tion­ships with sev­eral domes­tic banks who we can work with to struc­ture the right oppor­tu­nity for your small business.

In every instance, our effort starts with fully under­stand­ing the busi­ness, fig­ur­ing out the right oper­a­tional and strate­gic direc­tion for the busi­ness, and then approach­ing one of numer­ous lend­ing sources for cap­i­tal. The key is that by the time we approach a lender, we (your com­pany and Ver­ti­cal Opti­miza­tion together) would have worked out the bugs and fash­ioned a clear path to growth and prof­itabil­ity. This is how we make the case for cap­i­tal infusion.

It should come as no sur­prise that dif­fer­ent banks and lend­ing insti­tu­tions have ‘focus areas’. Typ­i­cally these are areas in which the banks wants a strong pres­ence (either because of pol­icy) or already has a strong pres­ence (typ­i­cally by virtue of past trans­ac­tions and expe­ri­ences). Each bank also has its cri­te­ria for lend­ing. We work with a vari­ety of banks and our task is to match up your project with the appro­pri­ate source. In some instances, pri­vate lenders or micro­fi­nance mech­a­nisms may be the obvi­ous way to go.

Our task is to fig­ure it out — and deliver. Give us a call at + 1-202-370-6165 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.….