Our History

The initial driver for this new company was to remedy the failures that led to its formation in the first place. There were three vertices in our progression from Aquada. 'Product' (we had that down pat), 'process' (we did that quite well), and 'markets' (that is where we fell flat on our faces). So the searing discipline for this new company would be a "tri-vertice" approach in which we would ensure that we ALWAYS scaled these three vertices in the business development process. (As trained scientists and engineers, we tend to demonstrate STRONG personal and professional bias in favor of the first two vertices with smug disregard for the third. That bias can be perilous.)

So our work in this company would adopt a process of vertical optimization, one vertice after the other ('product' first, then 'process', then 'markets'). This new company would ensure that we scale the three vertices in this vertical progression to commercial viability. That is where the name 'Vertical Optimization' came from. That is also where the concept of our logo comes from, three vertices, interconnected, interrelated, but all equally essential to commercial success. This is why our logo is called...... tri-vertice.

Trivertice - The Vertical Optimization Logo

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